NPHarvest in Slush 2022!

We went to Slush 2022 and it was epic!

We were there under Aalto University umbrella (big thank you for organizers!) and we had a time slot for our demo on 2nd day afternoon but we had two-day passes. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as it was my first time there. I’m used to academic events so the opening act of a dude rocking a DJ set while playing a guitar while everything looks like the pic above was epic! Granted, the pic is from afterparty but the opening ceremony looked exactly like this.

I have to say, there were not many clean tech startups like ours around (or maybe I just missed them). It would have been interesting to talk to other people who deal with wastewaters or nutrients but I suppose this is a good thing since we can distinguish from the crowd of “hey, I made this cool app.”

We had our small lab demo present, this time filled with green liquid. It attracted people from all walks of business & research life but most interesting discussion came with investors since in addition to just repeating our stuff for the umpteenth time, I learned a great many things. One investor started asking what kind of founders we’re looking (which I had not though before), for example. It is pretty clear that next year we will be hunting angels! I hope we’ll be in next Slush as well, since then it is critical for us since we’re ending R2B in 11/23 and starting the company right after.

Pic below: Aalto University / Kristian Presnal

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