NPHarvest in Otaniemi community garden in Summer 2022

We cultivated plants in Otaniemi community garden!
Otaniemi garden boxes

During our Sweden excursion we produced a lot of fertilizers from reject water and digested black water. Nitrogen was captured in ammonium sulphate, the white crystal while phosphorus was recovered with carbon and calcium in dry brown material. We brought these to Finland so we could do cool stuff with them!

The cool stuff is a garden in Otaniemi! There is a Test site near the Aalto Skate, where Creative Sustainability students (I think) take care of a garden. They also have beehives. The more official people decided to have four garden boxes for research teams in Aalto who are producing recycled fertilizers. The leftmost box is control with soil that is produced from Viikinmäki wastewater treatment plant sludge by composting. Our NPHarvest box is the 3rd from the left. We’re happy on how it turned out, compared to the control box, it is overflowing! There are at least sunflower, cauliflower and pumpkin growing out of it.

This experiment is not scientific in nature but just something fun to promote the research activities in the campus area. But still, it shows that our products have a great growth boost!

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