Lepaa 2022

This event started in 1964, and that is why the Lepaa exhibition is one of the oldest professional exhibitions in Europe.

In Lepaa you'll get new contacts. Lepaa 2022 has a wide range of what you need. You'll meet flower and vegetable growers, fruit and berry growers, professionals in teaching and research, landscape construction and design, landscape maintenance, environment and real estate caretaking, golf workers, florists, garden center representatives, export and marketing personnel.

Lepaa 2022 has a lot to offer. We present for example horticultural information and courses, cars and tractors, Biological control, Greenhouses and their equipment, growth substances, fertilizers, plants, sowing and weeding machines, Playground equipment, heating systems, landscape machinery, seeds, pots, pumps and lighting – everything you can hope for if you are interested in horticulture and landscaping!
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