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List of NEWSILK publications

Lemetti, L., Hirvonen, S-P., Fedorov, D., Batys, P., Sammalkorpi, M., Tenhu, H., Linder, M.B., Aranko, S. (2018) Molecular crowding facilitates assembly of spidroin-like proteins through phase separationEuropean Polymer Journal, In press.

Mohammadi, P., Beaune, G., Stokke, B. T., Timonen, J. V., & Linder, M. B. (2018). Self-coacervation of a silk-like protein and its use as an adhesive for cellulosic materialsACS Macro Letters, 7(9), 1120-1125.

Mohammadi, P., Aranko, A. S., Lemetti, L., Cenev, Z., Zhou, Q., Virtanen, S., Landowski, C., P., Penttilä, M., Fischer, W., J., Wagermaier, W. & Linder, M. B. (2018). Phase transitions as intermediate steps in the formation of molecularly engineered protein fibersCommunications Biology, 1(1), 86.

Niinimäki, K., Groth, C. & Kääriäinen, P. (2018). NEW SILK: Studying Experimental Touchpoints between Material ScienceSynthetic Biology, Design and Art. Temes de Disseny, 34, 32-41.

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