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The lectures are open to all and free of charge.
Aalto lecture hall during the lecture.

The talks are in English and the abstracts are attached below, when available:

2.12.2022 14:00-15.30 Evgenia Lysova, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Ekonominaukio 1, School of Business, seminar room U213

  • The topic of the seminar is: "Advancing Meaningful Work through Integration with Other Research Fields".

16.12.2022 14:00-15:30 Vili Lehdonvirta, University of Oxford

Ekonominaukio 1, School of Business, seminar room U213

  • The topic of the seminar is: "Cloud empires: Why platform giants became the Internet’s private government and how states and businesses should respond



Further information:
Heli Helanummi-Cole, postdoctoral researcher

[email protected]



Previous seminars:

11.11.2022 Lotta Hultin, Stockholm School of Economics: "Time to act sustainably: A study of how temporal structures condition sustainable work practices".

4.11.2022 Maxim Voronov, Schulich School of Business, York University: "When work is everything: Coping with institutionalized perfectionism”.

14.10.2022 Callen Anthony, NYU Stern: Back to the Future: Technology Reemergence and Occupational Dynamics through the Lens of Music Synthesizers.

30.9.2022 Tuanyu He, Kent Business School: Does Social Interaction Hurt Search by Groups? Evidence from Online Data Science Competitions.

16.9.2022 Grace Augustine, University of Bath School of Management: Wasted? The Rise and Fall of the Recycling Occupational Movement.

9.9.2022 Chia-Jung Tsay, UCL School of Management: A Premium on Perceived “Naturalness”: Contradictions to Our Ideals of Fairness and Meritocracy.

25.8.2022 Amit Nigam, Bayes Business School: Knowledge voids and failure of professional inference: How responding to an extreme knowledge disturbance through relational-affective competence leads to reimagine a profession’s foundations

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