Visas for business travel are acquired through Visumservice

Starting from Monday 2.7.2018 travelers acquire their visas for business trips through a new collaboration partner Visumservice’s online portal.

Travel management company HRG ends its visa services. 

Just as before, the visa invoice moves through the travel management company’s travel account directly into the M2 system. The visa prices also remain the same.

Getting a visa:


  1. Go to Visumservice online portal here:
  2. Choose your own unit.
  3. Determine whether you need a visa for the destination you are traveling to by infroming the details of the trip on the portal. The service is suitable to all nationalities.
  4. Follow the instructions on the portal and make a visa service request.
  5. Visumservice will send you a visa application form and information about other necessary documents.
  6. Submit the completed application and other necessary documents to Visumservice, which will handle them forward. The completed visa will be delivered to you as you have chosen.


If you need help with acquiring a visa, contact Visumservice. The Travel Services team can also provide assistance if needed.

[email protected]

 +358 9 3489 621 (also in case of emergency 24/7)

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri  8:00-17:00


For further information, please contact Tiina Vuosku, [email protected]


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