Unihome renews the pricing of its entry-accommodation from January 2017 onwards

Unihome is an accommodation service provider, jointly owned by Aalto University and University of Helsinki.

Unihome provides high class and reasonably priced entry-level accommodation especially for arriving international staff members and visitors of Aalto and UH.

Pricing changes from the beginning of 2017:

  • The longer the period of stay, the cheaper the price/night becomes.
  • Prices for short stay stays (1-3 nights) are flexible according to the time of the year and the utilization rate: eg on January 2017 price for single room at Töölö Towers is 83€/night and on May 103€/night.

Prices are the lowest for staff and visitors of the Aalto University and University of Helsinki staff. Other universities are provided with slightly higher but still competitive prices.

Aalto’s staff members are eligible to accommodate their own family members and visiting friends in Töölö Towers and Aalto Inn with special Family and Friends- prices, provided there is availability and the overall booking situation allows.


More information on the Unihome and Aalto' University's accommodation services in general:

Accommodation for International Staff and Visitors (

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