Tip of the Week: Syllabus helps students plan their studies

The tip this week is syllabus, Aalto BIZ’s more detailed course plan that allows students plan their work more accurately in advance.

What is it?

Syllabus describes in detail e.g. the learning outcomes of the course, exercises required to complete the course, their schedule and assessment criteria, and the teacher’s office hours. The course description also includes information about what in the literature is essential and what is additional material. 


Syllabus is used on all courses. The descriptions have the same basic structure, which helps students familiarise themselves with them. It is important that at least a preliminary version of syllabus is available for students to read when they enrol. Syllabus is often supplemented during the course. Syllabus can be found on the Mycourses pages.

What is it suitable for?

Syllabus is suitable for all courses.


Syllabus promotes learning by providing detailed information about the course and how it is completed. When they enrol, students already know what is required on the course, and what the workload and the schedule are. Syllabus enhances the progress of studies because students are able to estimate better which courses they will be able to complete at the same time.

What is required?

The syllabus description should be complete when students enrol on the course. Syllabus often requires updating as the course progresses.

Further information

Aalto BIZ, Päivi Kinnunen, Educational Specialist, [email protected]

The Tip of the Week series introduces different good practices that have been used to revise and develop our operation.  Good practices may be operating practices, operating models or working methods. What they have in common is that they make our work more meaningful, improve its quality and make it run more smoothly. Take advantage of the tips in your work!


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