Tip of the Week: Focusing on improving scientific communication makes publishing articles easier

The topic of the meeting may be, for example, writing good scientific texts in English.

What is it?

The Scientific Communication meetings are intended to help postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers improve the way they communicate about their research.


The one-hour meetings are organised about twice a month. The topic of the meeting may be, for example, writing good scientific texts in English. Each meeting has a different theme, such as writing a press release, synonyms in the English language or giving a presentation. Tips for writing CVs and applications are also given. In the meetings, participants do exercises and get links to additional material. They can also subscribe to a newsletter that lists everything related to writing and scientific communication available at Aalto University.


What is it suitable for?

The practice is suitable for learning something new by doing practical exercises.



Participants learn things that will be useful when they write scientific articles or publish them. Their speaking and presentation skills improve in general and they learn to present their research in a way that is understandable and interesting to the target group. Well-written articles will also contribute to Aalto University’s reputation as a high-quality university.


What is required?

The practice requires an inspiring teacher, who looks for material and processes it into a suitable form for the participants to study. Participants also need to be interested in the subject and use their own initiative in studying.


More information

Heidi Henrickson, Aalto SCI, [email protected]

The Tip of the Week series introduces different good practices that have been used to revise and develop our operation.  Good practices may be operating practices, operating models or working methods. What they have in common is that they make our work more meaningful, improve its quality and make it run more smoothly. Take advantage of the tips in your work!

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