Tip of the Week: Feedback party is a fun way of getting students to discuss together

Feedback parties were originally parties that were organised twice a year.

What is it?

As the name suggests, feedback parties were originally parties that were organised twice a year. The details of the concepts have changed as time has passed, but the idea of collecting feedback to a sheet hung on a wall, a practice already in place at the first party, has remained.


The feedback party is a more informal discussion session where students are invited to discuss current themes. The approach has been used in the bachelor's and master's degree programmes in Spatial and Furniture Design, and has later been established at the departmental level in Aalto ARTS. The feedback sessions have been organised at the Department of Design with the name 'quality party' for a number of years.

The quality party is a student-led process which is transparent, open for everyone and allows everyone to give their comments.  The format used in the parties is a sheet or large poster hung on a wall which allows students to comment on given themes. The students facilitate the informal event where snacks are also served alongside the conversation.

What is it suitable for?

The practice is suitable for collecting feedback on courses, developing the personal study plan process and developing different themes that touch everyday lives of students.


The practice increases and maintains communality. The official feedback channels are focused on individual feedback, but communality is highlighted in the feedback parties. More feedback is received in the feedback parties than through the ordinary channels. Collecting feedback and taking it into account in the development always creates a more open culture and enhances a good community spirit.

What is required?

The practice requires for someone to organise the party, prepare the themes, committed facilitators, a small budget for the snacks and coordination of timetables so that students are able to participate in the event.

Further information

Aalto ARTS, Heikki Määttänen and Elina Turunen

The Tip of the Week series introduces different good practices that have been used to revise and develop our operation.  Good practices may be operating practices, operating models or working methods. What they have in common is that they make our work more meaningful, improve its quality and make it run more smoothly. Take advantage of the tips in your work!

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