The new long-term planning model looks four years ahead

Aalto University's operational planning model has been revised.

Plans are now made for the next four years, and the annual cycle has been advanced. The model includes strategic and financial plans for both core activities and services.  Planning process has also been streamlined, and some overlaps have been eliminated.

Today, the President’s Management Team (PMT) of Aalto University confirmed the university's targets for 2019 and joint plan for 2020–2022.

Supports the time span required for academic work

The aim of the revision was to promote conditions for effective joint planning and to better support the time span required for academic work, thus strengthening implementation of the strategy. The new model includes all strategic areas of the university.

‘Revision of the planning model has been a big effort. Now we can plan our work over a longer period, and the advanced process allows us to start recruitment and procurement decisions well before the beginning of the year. I want to thank everyone involved in the revision’, says President Ilkka Niemelä.

In accordance with the new model, a university review is held early in the spring to assess the results of the schools and services and the implementation of the strategy during the previous year. Based on this evaluation, the schools and services are provided with guidelines for the planning of the next four years. Because the plans are now made for as many as four years, they can be specified and updated every year. The university's joint dialogue takes place in May. The updated next four-year plan, including the common specific goals for the next year and plans for the following three years, is made in June.

Give feedback

Aalto Unversity has now for the first time changed to this long-term planning process and any feedback on how to further streamline the process is welcomed.  A Webropol survey will be conducted before next autumn to collect feedback from the participants. You can also give feedback or propose improvements by direct email: [email protected].

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