The Ceremonial Conferment of the Schools of Technology will take place in June 2018

Aalto University schools of technology will celebrate their next Ceremonial Conferment of Doctorates and Honorary Doctorates on June 15, 2018 in newly renovated Dipoli.

The previous conferment took place in October 2016. In 2018 the School of Engineering will be in charge of the arrangements.

A ceremonial conferment is an academic celebration, in which doctorates and honorary doctorates in different fields are conferred, and in some universities also master's degrees. The idea behind the ceremonial conferment is that new graduates and doctors are accepted as full members of their scientific community and introduced to that community.

The ceremonial conferment committee

Gary Marquis, Dean of the School of Engineering, has set up a conferment committee to organize the ceremony. The distinguished members of the committee are:

  • Dean, Professor Gary B. Marquis (School of Engineering), chairman
  • Professor Ari Koskinen (School of Chemical Engineering)
  • Professor Tapio Lokki  (School of Science)
  • Professor Ari Sihvola (School of Electrical Engineering)
  • Development manager Soile Koukkari (School of Engineering)
  • Communications manager Jessica Sinikoski (Communications services)

The committee can invite experts to assist, if needed. The ceremonial conferment coordinator will be nominated later.

Promoter and the Masters of Conferment Ceremonies

The President of Aalto University has named Professor Kirsi Virrantaus as the Promoter of the Ceremonial Conferment 2018. Assistant Professors Jarkko Niiranen and Heidi Salonen have been nominated as the Masters of Conferment Ceremonies.

Honorary doctors

Dean Gary Marquis has asked the deans and the management of Aalto University to make proposals for honorary doctors by 15 September 2017.

Promovendi catalogue

At the conferment ceremony, the university distributes a digital catalogue called Promovendi. A Promovendi workgroup consisting of doctoral programmes’ planning officers will be organized later.

For further information, please contact:

Dean, Professor Gary B. Marquis, chairman of the conferment committee, [email protected]
Development manager Soile Koukkari, [email protected]

The Ceremonial Conferment on web

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