THE ANTHROBSCENE – Media and the Environment course exhibition

median and the environment
Image: European Space Agency

The Fall 2020 ‘The Anthrobscene’* Exhibition features critical artworks by masters students as final outcomes of the Media and Environment Course at the Department of Media, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. The works range from the sonification of air pollution, plastiglomerates, digital labor and mining, fossil fuel depletion, electronic trash, visualizing radio frequency radiation to de-terraforming the human impacts on our planet. The common theme running through all the artworks is tracing the materiality of digital media and presenting ecologies of environmental damage in the so-called Anthropocene.


Oskar Koli
Tuula Vehanen
Qianyu (Sienna) Fang
Lassi Häkkinen
Phuong Nguyen
Anze Bratus
Mirya Nezvitskaya
Dominik Fleischmann

* The Anthrobscene is the title of a book by Dr. Jussi Parikka exploring “the unsustainable, politically dubious, and ethically suspicious practices that maintain technological culture and its corporate networks. “ The author has kindly given permission to use the title for our exhibition.

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The exhibition is located in the LQ - Lobby Gallery in Väre [Open weekdays 07.45 - 21, Sat 09 - 17]

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