The Aalto Code of Conduct helps in making choices

The Aalto University Code of Conduct has been completed.

The Aalto University Board approved the Code in June. The Aalto Code of Conduct is a set of rules and guidelines to be observed in our daily work. These rules and guidelines are based on our values, they establish a common operational culture, and help in making the right choices.

'Because we all come from different backgrounds, our community has rapidly internationalised and several different operational cultures exist within our institution, a mutually agreed set of rules of play is vital to us. The Code of Conduct helps us to create a better work environment, protects our reputation and towards our partner, strengthens our image of being a responsible and reliable organisation,' says President llkka Niemelä.

'The Aalto Code of Conduct clarifies the rules of fair play, so that we can all enjoy working at Aalto. We can honestly be proud of the fact that we work in an organisation that wants to play fair,' states Head of Legal Kristiina Kemetter.

The Code of Conduct applies to every single person at Aalto University: students, employees, members of the Board and companies in which Aalto University has a majority shareholding. Aalto also expects its suppliers and other partners to have a similar code of conduct in effect.

During the autumn, training sessions and discussions concerning the Code of Conduct will be held in different departments and units. More information on these will be provided later.

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