Tenure track positions allocated to the Schools, December 2016

President Tuula Teeri has decided on 12 December 2016 to allocate tenure track positions to Aalto Schools as follows:

School of Engineering (2 positions)

  • Department of Built Environment: 1 position
  • Mechanical Engineering: 1 position

School of Business (4 positions)

  • Department of Management Studies: 1 position
  • Department of Accounting: 1 position
  • Department of Finance: 1 position
  • Department of Economics: 1 position

School of Chemical Technology (1 position)

  • Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering: 1 position

School of Science (2 positions)

  • Department of Computer Science: 1 position
  • Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis and Department of Computer Science: 1 joint position

School of Electrical Engineering (2 positions)

  • Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation: 2 positions

School of Arts, Design and Architecture (1 position)

  • Department of Art: 1 position

The tenure track professorships have a significant role in developing research and teaching at Aalto University. Recruiting professors to these positions will help shape the future of the University for a long time and a substantial part of the funding of the University is directed to the Schools via these professorships.


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