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Recent news

09.02.2022. Preprint

Find the preprint of our new VR study here:

02.02.2022. Press release

Read a new article about our rescent Virtual Reality study of ADHD! 

Virtual reality game can assess children's ADHD symptoms

By simulating the challenges of everyday life, a new VR game can help diagnose and perhaps treat ADHD

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Kuva EPELI-virtuaalipelistä

Another press release is published by Mediuutiset and available in Finnish


01.09.2021. Paper

Our new paper was accepted to Journal of Attention Disorders. Congratulations to the authors!

Seesjärvi E, Puhakka J, Aronen ET, Lipsanen J, Mannerkoski M, Hering A., Zuber S, Kliegel M, Laine M, & Salmi J (2021). Quantifying ADHD symptoms in open-ended everyday life contexts with a new virtual reality task.

10.05.2021​​. Award

Our PhD Student Liya Merzon received grants from Suomen Kulttuurirahasto (Finnish Cultural Foundation) and Psykiatrian Tutkimussäätiö (Psychiatry Research Foundation)

05.01.2021​​. Award

TCN PhD Tuija Tolonen has won a grant from Aivosäätiö (Finnish Brain Foundation). Congratulations! 

11.12.2020​​. Public awareness 

Read our article on how modern technology can improve assessment and treatment of ADHD disorder for Verraton (a journal of Finnish ADHD association)
"Tarkkaavainen tulevaisuus – voiko peliteknologia auttaa parantamaan adhd:n arviointia ja hoitoa?" 

10.12.2020​​. Award

TCN PhD student Tuija Tolonen was awarded a grant from the Vilho, Yrjö and Kalle Väisälä Foundation for full-time work on PhD research. Congratulations! 

22.10.2020​​. Public awareness 

Our laboratory head, Juha Salmi, gave his comment for an article on VR- applications for healthcare system. You can read the article on Motiivi website (in Finnish)

19.09.2020 New papers published

Our paper "Working memory training restores aberrant brain activity in adult attention‐deficit hyperactivity disorder" has been published in Human Brain Mapping 

Dr. Juha Salm's paper on the role of working memory in Parkinson’s disease has been accepted to the publication for Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 

Highlights of 2019/2020 academic year 

The summary of major news between summer 2019 and summer 2020:

  • Our collaborator Prof. Anssi Peräkylä received Academy Professor funding for five years. The project Facing Narcissism started on Jan 2019.
  • Juha Salmi(taival) received funding for Academy Fellow project for five years. The project Bringing real-life to attention research started on Sept 2019.
  • Our collaborator Prof. Matti Laine received funding for Academy of Finland project for four years. The project Strategies for Human Memory started on Sept 2019.
  • TCN PhD student Erik Seesjärvi received grants from Instrumentarium Science Foundation, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Child Pediatric Research Foundation (Lastentautien tutkimussäätiö), and Aivoliitto (”Brain Foundation”).
  • PhD student Jenni Uimonen (supervised by Juha Salmi) received a grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation.
  • PhD student Liisa Ritakallio (supervised by Juha Salmi) received grants from the Jan-Magnus Jansson Foundation, and Rehabilitation Foundation Peurunka.
  • TCN PhD student Erik Seesjärvi was selected to Top 100 Healthcare influencers in Finland by Mediauutiset. 
  • Our first naturalistic ADHD study was published in NeuroImage Special issue Naturalistic Imaging.


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