Students of '68 visited TUTA on Aalto Day One

The distinguished members of the TUTA alumni network started in the program 50 years ago.


On the Aalto Day One and opening of the new academic year, a group of distinguished guests visited TUTA. Our former students who started in the program in 1968 were keen to hear the current affairs of the department. They were welcomed by the Prodeko guild chairman Olli Kiikkilä and department head Risto Rajala.

After 50 years from the beginning of their studies at TUTA, the alumni are still active in business and society.

·       6 (of the 17) students became entrepreneurs,

·       5 (of 17) have worked in the technology industry,

·       2 (of 17) have acted in leadership positions in publicly listed companies,

·       6 (of 17) have spent more than one year of their career abroad,

·       One of the alumni has acted in the finance sector, and two of them have had a career at the university.

Many of the alumni are still active in business, as owners, entrepreneurs, or advisors in firms.

Welcome back to Otaniemi!

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