ScienceSLAM Helsinki is back! – Researcher, apply now!

ScienceSLAM Helsinki gives local scientists a stage to share their research with the general public by taking it outside the laboratories and dusty offices into clubs, bars or theatres.

How it works:

Give a 10 minute presentation about your own research in a language generally understandable. Be as creative as you like: Sing, dance, the only limit is your imagination! Battle with the other performers for the hearts and votes of the audience and become the winner of *ScienceSLAM

Who can participate:

From B.Sc. to professors, from informaticians to particle physicists, social scientists or historians, every discipline is welcome! Apply yourself or suggest a presenter by using the application/nomination form on our webpage ( You can increase your chances of being selected by sending an additional short application video!

*Application deadline:* 02.01.2018
*Event date*: 17.02.2018

*Venue*: Gloria cultural arena at Pieni Roobertinkatu 12, 00120 Helsinki;

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