Roaming tariff’s are now cheaper in EU

Data usage is not unreasonably expensive in the EU region anymore.
 Subscription usage Maximum cost Cost on top of the national cost Cost on top of the national cost
(Beginning of 1.7.2014) (Beginning of 30.4.2016) Beginning of 15.6.2017
Outgoing calls abroad (per minute) 0,19 € 0,05 € 0,032 €
Received calls abroad (per minute) 0,05 € 0,01 € FREE
SMS messages sent abroad (pcs) 0,06 € 0,02 € 0,01 €
Data transfer (MB) 0,20 € 0,05 € 0,006 €

International data usage

  • Data usage is not unreasonably expensive in the EU region anymore. A hundred megabytes of data will, however, show up in the invoice but do not cause unbearable costs. Because of this, the data should still only be used in EU when really needed, so please use your head.
  • In the rest of the world data usage is still extremely expensive in many places. Even small amounts of data may cause huge expenses.
  • Mobile data usage is allowed for absolutely necessary work related stuff in small amounts when there are no other ways for connection.
  • Personal usage of data abroad is strictly prohibited
  • It is recommended to use local prepaid subscription for data usage on longer work trips or if data is known to be needed
    • These are sold in airports
    • Invoicing with travel expenses

Phone settings abroad

With following settings you can prevent accidentally causing high data costs abroad

  • Data roaming: Off or manual
    • Data invoice is not going to grow without knowing
  • Mailbox synchronization: Manual
  • Automatic updates: Off
    • Apps and phone
    • Also the laptop if mobile data is used
  • Use WLAN hotspots or similar for data

Airports, hotels, companies, universities, conference centres… (Invoicing with travel expenses)

Petrus Kiiski
Aalto ITS
IT Procurement

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