Propose topics for new ICT2023 research themes

The research, development and innovation programme ICT 2023 is jointly coordinated and funded by the Academy of Finland and Tekes

Tekes is the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. The aim of the programme is to further improve Finland’s scientific expertise in computer science and to promote the extensive application of ICT. The programme is based on the report 21 Paths to a Frictionless Finland by the ICT 2015 Working Group. Since 2014, at least 10 million euros of the Academy of Finland’s budget authority has been used to fund the ICT 2023 programme.

Information about the previous research themes is available at > EN.

Now, the Academy of Finland is inviting researchers and research teams to propose new research themes for the programme. The themes should be of a greater scope than those addressed in individual research projects. The submitted proposals will be posted on the Academy’s website without personal or organisational identifiers. If you want to submit several theme proposals, please fill in a separate form for each proposal. The deadline for proposals is 20 January 2017.


Propose topics for new ICT2023 research themes

More information about the survey: [email protected]

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