PISKU inspects the company´s productivity and personnel well-being

An issue to be studied is individual and collective job crafting as a development approach, which combines the self-control of work and its development to the employee well-being.

Raising impact capability in micro-, small- and medium-sized companies (PISKU) 1.2.2017-31.8.2019

Micro-companies and SMEs form the majority of the business enterprises in Finland. At the same time, little is known of those factors, which make their development challenging. However, it is essential for companies to develop their planning and forecasting competencies for the future. A challenge is that every company is unique, so that prohibiting factors for a company´s growth, development and personnel well-being need to be investigated in detail and separately in their specific contexts. In the modern networking society, new and flexible ways to ensure success can be found by utilizing existing and new partners and networks.

The main goal of PISKU-project is the simultaneous development of company´s productivity and personnel well-being by modifying the common ways of working in the companies. In addition, the integration of personnel well-being as a part of the company´s productivity will be proven. An issue to be studied is individual and collective job crafting as a development approach, which combines the self-control of work and its development to the employee well-being.

PISKU-project supports the participating companies by sharing good practices related to work design and well-being. The project also provides a platform to enhance performance and cooperation to increase networking and new business opportunities.

In this research project, Turku University of Applied Science is acting as the coordinator, while Lapland University of Applied Sciences, University of Vaasa and Aalto University (DIEM) are taking part in the project. Each university elects 12 to 13 micro and SME companies from their respective regions, which will benefit from the project. Companies are chosen from the industries, which are relevant to the respected regions.

More information: prof. Matti Vartiainen ([email protected])


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