Pilot programmes chosen for the developing pilot

The new pilot programmes for a two year period to develop programme specific student recruitment strategies as well as admissions processes have been chosen.

In the first phase pilots will focus on student recruitment issues and marketing. In the second phase possible needs concerning the admissions processes will be clarified, taking into account the already ongoing field specific development.

Programmes participating the pilot:

  • Bachelor´s Programme in Chemical Technology
  • Bachelor´s Programme in Electrical Engineering (study option elektroniikka ja sähkötekniikka)
  • Master´s Programme in Visual Communication Design
  • Master´s Programme in Creative Sustainability
  • Master´s Programme in Mechanical Engineering
  • Master´s Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Master´s Programme in Life Science Technology

Read more:
Call for new pilot programmes to develop student recruitment
‘The programmes can actively participate in student recruitment and marketing’

Further information

Vice Dean (ARTS) Ossi Naukkarinen ([email protected] )
Manager Johanna Söderholm (+ 358 50 3841725, [email protected])

In 2016 Aalto launched a new strategic development project called “Programme Attractiveness”. The target state 2020 for the initiative is to help Aalto University programs to attract game changers and be/become attractive in respect to the Aalto strategy. Read more about the strategic initiative on the project wiki page.

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