Participate in a research that models everyday route alternatives and win prizes

Join a research study of mobility behavior - by participating in the TrafficSense research, you can win Tespack's solar cell products.

Picture 1: The view of the app shows you your movements during a single day, the locations marked in violet in the view being the most popular.

The TrafficSense research will begin in January and last for 8 weeks at most. The research is meant especially for the students and staff of Aalto University. Among other things, it investigates the energy efficiency of route- and movement alternatives at Aalto campuses. To participate in the research, you need to install a mobile application in your Android smart phone and answer to two short questionnaires.

‘TrafficSense app collects anonymous data about the user's various transport modes and routes. The application learns the user's regular routes and provides information about the energy-efficiency of moving around. Halfway through the research, the updated version will give real-time notifications to the users in order to provide support for smoother movement of people’, explains Mikko Heiskala, a researcher at the Department of Computer Science.

The TrafficSense project is a part of Aalto University's EnergyEfficiency research programme. The goal of the TrafficSense project is to help the users to move around more energy-efficiently, in ways that save not only the environment but also time and money. The mobile app will be available to test users until the end of May at least.

More information about the research is available at
Install the research application (for Android phones) here (> Google Play).

A Tespack's solar cell backbag (€299) will be raffled among the participants. The prize includes a 20,000 mAh power bank suitable for laptops and smartphones, one similar power bank (€139) and five smaller 5,000 mAh solar cell chargers (€49) suitable for charging a phone. The products are extremely practical for example for conference travellers or excursionists for charging their phones and – of course – for everyday use.

Picture 2: Estimation of the energy footprint based on the movement choices and route alternatives used.

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