Office 2016 for Windows workstations (and installation problems) Office 2016 for Windows workstations (and installation problems)

Microsoft Office 2016 (64-bit) will now be installed to all centrally managed Windows workstations.

If the installation has failed so that the old Office 2013 has already disappeared from the workstation but the new version hasn't properly installed you should first try to install all upcoming software with these instructions. This is also useful to try with other problems. This Office upgrade usually takes 30-60 minutes. If this doesn't help, please contact with the instructions at the bottom of this page. Most Office upgrades go through without an issue.

At first, installations will start unattented at nighttime while nobody is logged on and the workstation is powered on and connected to Aalto network. Users can also initiate the installation at daytime with these instructions. A few hours after the installation the workstation gets dozens of Windows and Office updates. It is recommended to let them install as early as possible.

Starting February we will push notifications about the update to get the new version eventually into all workstations.

The old Office version will be removed from the workstation. Visio and Project applications will also get updated.Office 2016 is quite similar to Office 2013 and shouldn't be difficult to adjust to. In special cases the old version can be resumed, but only as a last resort.

Office 2016 has already been installed to all Windows classrooms.

For compatibility and efficiency reasons Office 2016 will be deployed as a 64-bit version. This requires that Windows operating system has been installed as a 64-bit version on the workstation. This has been the case for several years with new installations but some older workstations might still have 32-bit Windows. If you won't be getting a new workstation in near future you can ask for a workstation reinstallation to get 64-bit Windows from ITS Service Desk. You can check if you have 64- or 32-bit Windows by pressing Ctrl-F12 (value "OS Architecture"). You should also provide the "Computer Name" if you ask for a reinstallation.

With problems, contact ITS Service Desk (also provide the workstation "Computer Name" which can be seen by pressing Ctrl-F12):

[email protected]


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