Notification of restaurant arrangements in T-building, TUAS and Open Innovation House

A new serving line will be installed in the restaurant in T-building this week during today afternoon and tomorrow.

In addition, a new serving line will be installed in the new restaurant in the Open Innovation House (OIH) this week as announced previously. Furniture has already been installed in the new restaurant in OIH.

The new serving lines will be available in T-building T and OIH starting from Monday 4 September.

New furniture and seats have been installed this week to increase the restaurant capacity, so that the capacity of the restaurant in T-building has increased from 170 to 231 seats. A total of 24 seats have been installed in the TUAS lobby and in front of the restaurant. Currently, the OIH restaurant has nearly a hundred seats.


Please send all feedback and development ideas to [email protected], thank you.

Kind regards, Aalto CRE

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