New podcast: “Sociotechs”

The podcast aims to explore critical intersections of technology and social issues
Sociotechs podcast

Researcher Tejas Kotha from the Department of Information and Service Management (ISM) at the School of Business is currently pursuing his Ph.D. studies. Now, he has started together with Silvia Masiero, Associate Professor at the University of Oslo, a new podcast series called “Sociotechs”. The podcast aims to explore critical intersections of technology and social issues, with a view of understanding data-generated harm in the light of imagining fairer technologies. In essence they would be inviting guests from IS, ICT4D and Data Justice communities to discuss critical issues and research. 

The podcast can be found on all major podcast streaming platforms including:

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New episodes will be published bi-weekly. Have a listen!

You may also read the complimentary blog posts on their Sociotechs' website. If you want to subscribe to the newsletter for episode releases and related articles, please click on this link:

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