New Nobelist in physics Michael Kosterlitz gave a lecture at Aalto – see the video

The properties of exotic matter were revealed.

Professor Michael Kosterlitz currently works at Aalto University as a Visiting Fellow. He held a lecture at Aalto the 18th of October. The topic was : "Topological excitations in two dimensions”.

The house was packed for the lecture, and Kosterlitz explained his research with insight, humour and great passion for his work.  President Tuula Teeri said in her speech that, we do not always know what knowledge is relevant in the long run, but scientifically proven knowledge always contributes to progress.

The Nobel in Physics was awarded to Michael Kosterlitz, David Thouless and Duncan Haldane, who are researching topological phase transitions of exotic matter. Kosterlitz, who works at Brown University in the US, is one of the most internationally renowned researchers of theoretical condensed matter and statistical physics.

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