New MSc thesis student Mikko Oksanen joins CEST

Mikko Oksanen will conduct his MSc thesis research in CEST from March to September.

Mikko Oksanen, MSc student from the Department of Chemistry and Materials Science (School of
Chemical Engineering), is starting his thesis work at CEST. In his project, he will model the oxidation of sulphur dioxide (SO2) at gold surfaces, which is important for water-splitting in SO2 depolarized electrolyser.

This MSc thesis is part of the Enhanced SO2 Oxidation on Catalyst/Semiconductor Interface (EnOCSI) project (Aalto Seed Funding Project) involving CEST and the Materials Processing group (Dr. Annukka Santasalo-Aarnio and Prof. Michael Gasik) in the Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering.

Welcome Mikko!

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