New book! Design Education Across Disciplines: Transformative Learning Experiences for the 21st Century

The new book by Miikka J. Lehtonen, Tomi Kauppinen and Laura Sivula shares and discusses a diverse range of inclusive methods for how design engages learners.

Design Education Across Disciplines presents how design thinking transforms higher education with solutions ranging from single courses to programs. This is done by also demonstrating how designing across disciplines is done across continents and higher educational institutions.
Book cover by Springer 'Design Education Across Disciplines: Transformative Learning Experiences for the 21st Century'

This book explores how design thinking can transform higher education, with solutions ranging from single course sessions to whole programs and universities. The authors demonstrate how designing across disciplines is done, with disruptive technologies, ambiguity and challenges as catalysts. Iteratively tested pedagogies, design-driven solutions and creative uses of both tactile and digital worlds are among the approaches discussed. 

Educators and leaders of higher education institutes as well as designers and managers of companies will benefit from engaging the design ideas in their own work. 

Visit Springer website for more information about the book

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 Tomi Kauppinen

Tomi Kauppinen

Head, Aalto Online Learning - Online Hybrid Lab
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