New antivirus software for Aalto

Antivirus software in all Aalto IT Services administered computers changes by the end of this year.

The old Symantec Endpoint Protection will be replaced by a new product from Sophos. The new product has the same functionality as the old one but it is faster and offers better support.

The change will be almost automatic. You will get a notification pop-up window on your screen. Just follow the instructions and remember, a restart is needed to finish the process. When started, the process should be allowed run until the change is complete. If you are on the move, use Aalto VPN throughout the process.

Home users should note that your entitlement to use the old Symantec product ends by March 2017. We would like to recommend the Sophos free antivirus for home users as a replacement. This one is available for Windows, Mac and Linux users. Register and download here:

More information: [email protected]


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