Nearly 20 million euros for research

A total of 45 researchers received Academy Research Fellowship and Academy Project funding from the Academy of Finland – the funding will strengthen Aalto University's research with approximately 20 million euros
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The funding granted to Aalto University by the Academy of Finland from the September 2022 call will strengthen the university's research by a total of approximately EUR 20 million.

Next autumn, 15 new Academy Research Fellows will start at Aalto. The funding granted to Aalto University for these tasks totals over eight million euros. This was the first application round where funding was allocated based on the Academy’s reform of the funding schemes available to early-career researchers. The new Academy Research Fellow funding was now allocated for the first time since the reform of the funding forms.

Aalto University received Academy Project funding from all Academy councils. Funding totalling approximately EUR 12 million was granted to 30 subprojects.

Congratulations to all!

In the list, the field after one’s name refers to their department:

Academy Projects 1.9.2023 – 31.08.2027

Asadchy, Viktar, Electronics and Nanoengineering
Designer composites with axionic properties

Caro, Miguel, Electrical Engineering and Automation
Atomic-scale design of new carbon-based materials

Deny, Stéphane, Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering
Neuroscience-inspired deep learning

van Dijken, Sebastiaan, Applied Physics
Hybrid magnonics for energy efficient and neuromorphic computing

Di Francesco, Mario, Computer Science
Efficient deep neural network computation with resource-constrained devices

Hinkkanen, Marko, Electrical Engineering and Automation
Nevaranta, Niko, LUT University
Modelling and control of lateral vibrations in multiphase electric machines (consortium)

Huopalainen, Astrid, Management Studies, Art and Media
Hielm-Björkman, Anna, Helsingin yliopisto
Tallberg, Linda, Svenska handelshögskolan
PAWWS - People and Animal Wellbeing at Work and in Society

Hyysalo, Sampsa, Design, Aalto
Lazarevic, David, Finnish Environment Institute Experimental environmental governance: coproduction and orchestration of transformative change (consortium)

Kibler, Ewald, Management Studies
‘Everyday-everyone’ entrepreneurship: Fostering social inclusion

Kim, Seongtae, Information and Service Management
Supply chain restructuring in light of mega disruptions: Moving toward a sustainable future

Kontturi, Eero, Bioproducts and Biosystems
Heino, Terhi, University of Turku
Vallittu, Pekka, University of Turku
Analytical design of cellulose-based bone-like materials (consortium)

Kurimo, Mikko, Information and Communications Engineering, Aalto
Hilden, Raili, University of Helsinki
Kuronen, Mikko, University of Jyväskylä
Automatic assessment of spoken interaction in second language (consortium)

Lioumis, Pantelis, Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering, Aalto
Vaalto, Selja, HYKS
Non-invasive assessment of human cortical language network for presurgical evaluation and research (consortium)

Liski, Matti, Economics, Aalto
Ahlvik, Lassi, University of Helsinki
Climate optimal income taxation (consortium)

Lokki, Tapio, Information and Communications Engineering, Aalto
Schlecht, Sebastian, Art and Media, Aalto
Collective experience of music performances with augmented acoustics (consortium)

Nieminen, Marko, Computer Science
Honkapuro, Samuli, LUT University
Prosumer driven green and digital transition towards de-centralized peer to-peer energy communities (consortium)

Oinas, Pekka, Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
Mikkonen, Kirsi, University of Helsinki
Multipurpose fungal biorefinery (consortium)

Oulasvirta, Antti, Information and Communications Engineering
Subjective functions

Pajarinen, Joni, Electrical Engineering and Automation
Efficient and principled multi-agent reinforcement learning

Partanen, Jouni, Mechanical Engineering
Seppälä, Jukka, Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
Saarinen, Jyrki, University of Eastern Finland
3D graded index optics printed using photocurable inks (consortium)

Saikko, Vesa, Mechanical Engineering
More durable total hip replacements by critical wear research

Salmelin, Riitta, Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering, Aalto
Renvall, Hanna, University of Helsinki
Functional individuality of brains, minds, and disease trajectories (consortium)

Sawhney, Nitin, Computer Science
Civic agency in AI? Examining the AI Act and democratizing algorithmic services in the public sector

Seppänen, Olli, rakennustekniikka
Digital twin of processes for construction of buildings

Soldano, Caterina, Electronics and Nanoengineering
TADF emitters field-effect light-emitting devices

Särkkä, Simo, Electrical Engineering and Automation
Nieminen, Miika, University of Oulu
Nissi, Mikko, University of Eastern Finland
AI-resolved virtual histology with magnetic resonance fingerprinting (consortium)

Virkkunen, Iikka, Mechanical Engineering 
Machine learning powered NDT

Werner, Stefan, Information and Communications Engineering
Personlig onlineinlärning i IoT/CPS

Further information on the Academy of Finland website

Image: Aalto University, Mikko Raskinen

Read about the new Academy Research Fellows and their projects

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In September, 15 new Academy Researcher Fellows will start at Aalto

The Academy of Finland has granted Aalto University funding for 15 Academy Research Fellowships

A dog and two researchers. Photo: Aalto University/Mikko Raskinen

Significant Academy of Finland funding for for the multidisciplinary consortium project PAWWS – People and Animal Wellbeing at Work and in Society

Astrid Huopalainen, Assistant Professor at Aalto University, Linda Tallberg, Assistant Professor at Hanken School of Economics, and Anna Hielm-Björkman, Docent at University of Helsinki, are principal investigators of the project

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