NDI Briefing Note: The urgent need for standardized assessment of microplastic pollution in the Arctic Ocean

The latest NDI Briefing Note "The urgent need for standardized assessment of microplastic pollution in the Arctic Ocean" has been published.
Pathways of microplastic’s negative impacts on marine biota

Konstantin S. Zaikov, Northern Arctic Federal University & Nikita A. Sobolev, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia: The urgent need for standardized assessment of microplastic pollution in the Arctic Ocean.

In this NDI Briefing Note, the researchers suggest that the development of standard protocols for microplastic pollution analysis should be approached as a co-creation effort among research laboratories and other institutions. Citizens could also be engaged in the sampling and hot-spot identification. This would decrease the costs of fieldwork and educate citizens of Arctic communities on environmental issues and the responsible use of plastics. 

Read the NDI Briefing Note here

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