Moving underway

Hundreds of people at Aalto University will change their workstations early 2017.

These are large moving projects that are chained to one another and proceed according to schedules and plans. The best way is to work together.

The objective of these projects is to save space and costs at the university, and to use the available space effectively and productively.

Aalto CRE will always hold a briefing before each move. Written moving instructions will be distributed in different channels, such as Inside and email. Please read them carefully. Schedules are often tight, and it is very important that all material to be moved has been packaged and marked according to the instructions. During the moving projects, Aalto CRE will also order separate final cleaning services.

Aalto CRE will mainly organise the moving projects together with schools. If you need to reach the contact person, send an email to [email protected].


Upcoming moving projects

School of Engineering:
• Water laboratory
• Department of Real Estate, Planning and Geoinformatics

School of Science:
• Department of Computer Science
• Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

School of Electrical Engineering
• Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation

School of Arts, Design and Architecture
• Aalto Studios (former Mediakeskus LUME) and Department of Film, Television and Scenography

• Start-Up Center
• Learning Services, Tietotalo
• Learning Services, Otakaari 1


Please check out also Aalto CRE website 


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