Lauri Randla’s “Mausoleum” is nominated as one of three films to the Estonian Film and TV Awards

“Mausoleum” tells a dark satire of the pathologist Abrikosov, who embalmed Lenin’s body, and in theory managed to overcome death.

The story follows Abrikosov’s and his apprentice’s critical night, when they have to solve a fatal problem with Lenin's body in the Stalinist Moscow 1936.

Recently “Mausoleum” won Honourable Mention of the Jury in Mumbai International Short Film festival.

The end of the 2016 was especially successful – Best Foreign Film Award at the Toronto Short Film Festival; Scanorama Vilnius – Best film Award, Accolade Global Competition – Award of Excellence, opening film of the Cottbus Film Festival…  competing at several festivals around the world.

 “… a fly hasn’t been quite so scary since Jeff Goldblum…

… a tragicomedy managing to both be truly tense, scary, and at the same time completely ludicrous, what’s possibly most chilling of all is how close to the truth this film is.”

Emily Taylor

Aesthetica Short Film Festival UK

Actors: Victor Kotovicz von Lahnberg, Matti Onnismaa, Andrei Lukjanov, Aleksndr Okunev, Sergei Furmanjuk, Natalia Dorošenko, Ilja Nartov ja Vladimir Antip.

Director, writer and composer Lauri Randla, DOP Peter Salovaara, production designer Juulia Jokinen, costumes designer Maria Rosenqvist, editor Leo Liesvirta, sound designer Jorma Kaulanen, producers Peeter Urbla, Osku Pajamäki, Ilkka Mertsola.

Producer Exitfilm Estonia; co-producers Funny Films, ELO Helsinki Film School.

Mausoleum Finnish premiere was at Tampere Film Festival 2016, Estonian premiere March 2017.

(EFTA Gala March 12th in Tallinn)


Saara Toivanen/Aalto University, ELO Film School Helsinki

Email: [email protected]

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