Jukka Pekola announced as acting director of InstituteQ

Professor Pekola will lead the Institute as it starts its operations
Professor Jukka Pekola stood in a hallway smiling at the camera
Jukka Pekola

The newly established Finnish Quantum Institute – InstituteQ – has announced Aalto Physics professor Jukka Pekola as its acting director. Professor Pekola has over 30 years of experience at the forefront of quantum technology research, and was chosen by the Institute’s leadership committee to lead the development of the activities of InstituteQ.

InstituteQ brings together expertise in research, education, and innovation to drive Finland’s world-leading quantum technology research. It’s founding members are Aalto University, University of Helsinki and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. 

‘Goals of the institute are threefold,’ explains Professor Pekola, ‘firstly, to coordinate our national research efforts; secondly, to provide the best possible education, both in graduate and industrial programs; and thirdly, in driving innovation.’

‘In Finland, we already have a strong environment for quantum technology, such as the OtaNano research infrastructure and the QTF Centre of Excellence’ Professor Pekola continues, ‘We want the Institute to guide the development of current infrastructure, and have a role in generating new pathways and projects for quantum technologies. The development of the field is clearly hindered by shortage of experts, that's why it is important to organise national education at both doctoral and master's level. We are looking forward to growing the institute to include more partners, collaborators and stakeholders from across research and industry in Finland. Together we can get the maximum benefit out of our great research environment, and develop it further to meet the needs of the future.’

InstituteQ’s steering group have been nominated by the leadership committee, to support the development of the institute collaboration.

Steering group


  • Sabrina Maniscalco (Chair) Professor, Department of Physics, University of Helsinki, 
  • Jyri Hämäläinen, Dean (School of Electrical Engineering), Aalto University 
  • Antti Kupiainen, Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Helsinki 
  • Jouko Lampinen, Dean (School of Science), Aalto University 
  • Himadri Majumdar, Quantum Program Manager, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland 
  • Pekka Pursula, Research Manager, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Deputy members: 

  • Joonas Govenius, Research Team Leader, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland 
  • Mikko Möttönen, Professor, Department of Applied Physics, Aalto University 
  • Kai Nordlund, Dean (Faculty of Science), University of Helsinki 
  • Jukka Nurminen, Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki 
  • Mika Prunnila, Research Professor, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland 
  • Ilkka Tittonen, Professor, Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering, Aalto University

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The low-temperature plate inside of the refrigerator. The team attaches their bolometers here. Credit: Aalto University.

Finnish Quantum Institute announced

InstituteQ will coordinate research, teaching and commercialisation across Finland

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