IT Services’ organization has been reformed

The Aalto University IT Services unit has reformed its operations and organisation.

The service entity is headed by Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Kati Hagros, who took up the position in last August. She is responsible for planning the university’s comprehensive digital transformation strategy and for coordinating the change process as well as managing the whole of the IT Services entity.

‘Aalto IT Services have developed a lot over the last few years, and the basic services are well under control. Our next challenge is to improve the service speed and flexibility and to support the university’s wide digital transformation. To answer this challenge, we have a strong matrix organisation, where solution teams develop IT solutions in close cooperation with Aalto core activities, and production teams are responsible for the operative capacity, efficiency, and end users. The mission of the CDO Office is to develop the digital transformation strategy and its necessary disciplines, like the enterprise architecture and information security.’

ITS Organization has two units: CDO Office and IT Services.

Sari Vehtari is the appointed Head of CDO Office from 1 April. The CDO Office supports the University’s digital transformation strategy, and implements, among other things, the digitalisation programme, IT risk management, and IT architecture. Vehtari moves to Aalto from Fortum, where her last task was the Head of IT Strategy.

Christa Winqvist is the appointed Chief Information Officer responsible for the IT Services from 1 March. She is responsible for the implementation of digital transformation and IT strategy in the IT Services, and also manages, develops, and supervises the IT Services’ operations, support services, and user experience.

IT Services have six teams, whose leaders report to Christa Winqvist.
- IT Solutions for Research, head Juha Juvonen
- IT Solutions for Teaching and Learning, head Ani-Jatta Immonen
- IT Solutions for Joint Services, head Jukka Katainen
- IT End User Support, head Liisa Länkä
- IT Solution Development, head Siiri Sipilä, and
- IT Operations, head Hannes Päivänsalo.

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