Invitation to give feedback on Aalto Code of Conduct

Aalto University is in course of gathering its ethical principles into a new Code of Conduct applicable to all community members.

You are invited to participate in its preparation and to provide feedback before it is finalized and introduced to the Aalto community.

The draft Code of Conduct has been prepared based on the Aalto University values. The Code is the next step to promote high integrity and ethics that benefit Aalto community as whole. The Code summarizes the principles of fair play that govern our activities. Our commitment to the Code also reminds us about importance of assuring a high international standard in research, education and artistic activities in conformity with ethical principles and good scientific practices.

The proposed Code in short:

  • Equality, impartiality and respecting each other
  • Compliance with laws is everyone’s responsibility
  • Promoting openness and responsibility in communication  
  • Good scientific practice is foundation of our research
  • Sharing results of research yet respecting IPRs of others
  • Taking care of Aalto’s property
  • Respecting privacy and information security
  • Working with partners sharing our ethical code
  • Recognizing, disclosing and avoiding conflict of interests
  • Zero tolerance for corruption and bribery
  • Ethics and integrity guide our fundraising
  • Maintaining accurate and complete financial records
  • Healthy and safe working and learning environment
  • Promoting sustainability in all our activities.

Please familiarize yourself with the proposal and comment it through a web-based tool. The tool works better on a computer rather than on a mobile device, so we recommend using a computer for the survey. 

We look forward to receiving your feedback and views by 26 May 2017. Thank you for your valuable input!

Tuula Teeri

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