Inspiring encounters in the US with alumni and friends highlighting radical creativity

Aalto University's events in the United States emphasized the importance of our alumni and friends in fostering collaboration, while highlighting the transformative power of radical creativity in addressing global challenges.
A crowd of people gathering to the theatre lobby after seeing the Radical Creatives documentary
The US premiere of Radical Creatives documentary brought together about 100 alumni and friends at Scandinavia House in New York. Photo: Annika Linna.

The week began with the US premiere of the Radical Creatives documentary directed by an Aalto alum Emilia Hernesniemi at Scandinavia House in New York. The documentary sparked lively discussions on the importance of radical creativity in tackling global challenges and transforming them into opportunities.

President Ilkka Niemelä praised the Radical Creatives documentary for capturing the magic that occurs when people from different disciplines and backgrounds collaborate: ‘The film exemplifies the heart of Aalto University and the belief in the power of radical creativity.’

Moving on to Washington DC, the Embassy of Finland in the US hosted a captivating get-together, celebrating the power of collaboration between the United States and Finland.

Ambassador Mikko Hautala emphasized the shared commitment to excellence and the art of weaving together different strengths, expertise, and cultures. ‘With each successful partnership, we are forging a stronger foundation for a brighter future, grounded in innovation, trust, and unity.’

Our strongest advocates

At Aalto, we believe in the power of reaching across boundaries to tackle the significant challenges of our time. Sustainable development demands transformational thought, and Aalto strives to generate fresh ideas that lead to new ways of doing things.

With over 100 000 alumni, the Aalto community continues to make a profound impact around the world. President Niemelä emphasized alumni being both our strongest advocates and our most extensive network: ’The alumni network of over 1500 alumni in the US, with nearly three hundred on the East Coast alone, is an important part of the Aalto community and a powerful force for change.’

He also highlighted the transformative power of Aalto's campus, which has become an integral part of the Helsinki region, attracting international talent and earning high satisfaction rankings from international students.

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