Implementation of the vision for HE and research – Invitation to participate

The Ministry for Education and Culture has launched an online brainstorming platform, where you can assess and comment the road map for the vision for higher education and research in 2030.

It is my wish that you as a member of Aalto community could find the time to participate in the preparation work of the vision 2030 by commenting on the online platform. Together we can make an impact on building strong and internationally attractive hubs with scientific excellence and societal impact in Finland. The constantly tightening international competition is a major challenge for all universities. It is important that we recognise this challenge and also offer solutions.

Read more on the online brainstorming platform in the text below by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Ilkka Niemelä

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The Ministry of Education and Culture invites representatives of universities, research centres, industry and other stakeholders to participate in the implementation of the vision for higher education and research in 2030.

The vision 2030, Proposal for Finland: Finland 100+, was published in autumn 2017. The vision sets the direction for the development of higher education and research until the year 2030. According to the vision, Finland's strategy for success is based on an aspiration to be the most competent nation in the world. One of the objectives set for 2030 is that at least half of young adults in Finland will have completed a higher education degree. This requires open educational provision and continuous learning, international networking, high quality, enhanced effectiveness, and investments in RDI activities.

The Ministry of Education and Culture has launched the implementation of the vision together with the staff, students and stakeholders of higher education institutions. Five preparatory working groups and a steering group are in the process of drawing up a road map to support the implementation of the vision. Each preparatory working group is responsible for one of the following themes derived from the objectives set in the vision: 1) Enabling steering, resources and structures; 2) Openness, flexibility and continuous learning; 3) Research, development and innovation activities; 4) Digitalisation and artificial intelligence as support for change in higher education institutions; and 5) Healthy and prosperous higher education communities.

Welcome to participate

We invite you to participate in the implementation of the vision by sharing your ideas. In the online brainstorming platform, you get to assess and comment on the preliminary policies outlined by the working groups preparing the road map for the vision. Please answer by 8 April via link

Ministry of Education and Culture

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