How can digital services promote health and well-being?

During the summer 2021, an Aalto ITP student team collaborated with Siun Sote, the joint municipal authority for healthcare in North Karelia, to create a plan to improve and promote online healthcare and well-being services.
ITP brings together students from various fields of study to solve digital business challenges of ITP business partners. Photo: Petri Anttila

Siun sote partnered with ITP students Roosa Laakso, Johann Young, Ruixin Pan and Xin Lin to study possibilities to better develop and market their online services.

The project was centered around OmaOlo, an online health and well-being service, and how its awareness and usage could be boosted. OmaOlo offers a range of different services from a number of reliable symptom assessments to well-being training. 

16 different symptom checkers are available at all times assessing health concerns. Each check will result in a personal plan with recommendations for next steps

90 % of users would recommend Omaolo

As a part of the project, the student team conducted extensive market research including a survey on current and potential new users of Omaolo. Of the 435 citizens surveyed, 386 had used Omaolo at least once. Of these, 90% would recommend the service to their friends and family. Users appreciated the speed, ease of use and reliability of the service.

To compliment the survey results, analytics data from the Siun Sote sites were analysed. This showed referrals from the sites of cities and municipalities to be an important source of traffic. Therefore, to gain even more traffic, the team contacted all 13 municipalities of the North Karelia region to promote Siun Sote sites on their proprietary sites.

We believe that the insights gained in this project can also be utilized in the development of other digital services

Karri Poutanen, Head of Development at Siun Sote

The student team used a variety of different approaches and methods, such as interviews with Siun Sote staff to find ways to further improve and promote digital services. The aim was to gain practical knowledge from the personnel interacting with patients regularly. All the results were combined to create practical recommendations for future development with concrete and realistically implementable steps.

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ITP brings together students from various fields of study to solve digital business challenges of ITP business partners. Photo: Petri Anttila
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How can digital services promote health and well-being?

Aalto ITP collaborated with Siun Sote, the joint municipal authority for healthcare in North Karelia, to create a plan to promote online healthcare services. The main focus was on the online symptom checker OmaOlo: how could it be promoted and developed further.
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