How are entrepreneurial skills integrated into engineering education?

Professor Katrina Nordström invites those who are interested in the future of teaching in the field of engineering to the CLUSTER network symposium in Otaniemi.

The goal of the symposium is to delve into the teaching that is conducted at various universities of technology, where learning is infused with the ability to comprehend and apply startup-oriented ways of thinking and approaches, as well as to act in the leading companies of future working life sectors.

At the end of November in 2017, representatives from the CLUSTER network, which represents the universities of technology in Europe, will arrive in Otaniemi to learn how education in the field of engineering can be infused with entrepreneurial skills. 

‘The CLUSTER network contains common expertise, and the different universities will present their own educational approaches that have been conducted in collaboration with top European companies and startup-oriented operations.   By sharing good practices via practical examples, one can ensure high-quality teaching, motivate teachers and help focus their work.’

‘Europe needs a common vision on what the engineers of the future will be like and what skills they will need.  With the help of CLUSTER, we can develop common models to achieve this goal,’ notes Nordström.

The CLUSTER symposium will be held between 27 and 29 November In Otaniemi.  The keynote speakers of the symposium represent the top experts of the field, and they will demonstrate their own approaches to integrating entrepreneurial and startup activities into their teaching.

The keynote speakers are:

  • Ken Singer, UC Berkeley, USA
  • Thomas Hellmann, Oxford University, UK
  • Humera Fasihuddin, Stanford University d-school, USA

In addition to workshops, the programme will include presentations on how other European universities have integrated entrepreneurial thinking models into their teaching.

‘We hope that as many people as possible from Aalto will attend the CLUSTER events, since this allows us to participate in the European vision for education in the field of technology. The people at Aalto play an important role in this work, and it’s also good to remember that every participant has a lot to learn and a lot to give,’ says Katrina Nordström.

Early bird registration for the symposium opens on 2 October. Read more about and register for the symposium >>

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