Help us develop university services – give feedback or make an initiative

We have opened a new feedback channel that supports development of Aalto University's services and offers the students and staff an opportunity to give feedback and to make initiatives.

The feedback channel is intended for continuous gathering of feedback and initiatives on all issues related to the university services. While all feedback is valuable, the new feedback channel is expected to be used for initiatives that have been developed further.

‘The aim of Aalto University is to offer high international level of teaching, research and artistic activities. To reach this aim, the university services should effectively utilise feedback and initiatives from the community’, says President Ilkka Niemelä.

The President also has a more practical view of the issue: ‘In everyday life, many of us have witnessed processes and practices that are not sensible and could be streamlined. Doing things practically benefits the entire university community.’

You can give feedback anonymously or make anonymous initiatives but you can give your contact information, if you choose to.

You can access the feedback form here:

Inside page: Open feedback and initiatives

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