Great international media hits from the summer of 2023

Our Dean Timo Korkeamäki and many representatives of our stakeholders regularly comment on various issues in the international media as well
Timo Korkeamäki, new dean of the School of Business
Dean Timo Korkeamäki. Photo: Aalto University/Mikko Raskinen

Just to highlight a few of the recent comments on topical issues in media, please take a look at the following examples:

The Business School In The Happiest Country On Earth

“A big part of the School of Business’s DNA is the entrepreneurial spirit on our campus. It’s a cross-cutting theme across everything we do at Aalto University as a whole. And it’s not just learning how to start a business. You can have an entrepreneurial mindset in a large company, so it’s more a way of thinking.”

Dean Timo Korkeamäki
Forbes, June 2, 2023


Schools boost efforts to encourage entrepreneurial mindset in finance

“Managing cash, so you don’t run out of money, is a crucial function at a start-up and the masters in finance has helped us develop and scale to more than 30
destinations, and grow 100 per cent year on year while running profitable operations.”

Martim Gois
School of Business Alumnus and Co-founder of Valpas
Financial Times, June 11, 2023


Impact, Entrepreneurship And Empowerment – How Business Schools Are Helping Refugees

“Thanks to my business education at Aalto and my entrepreneurial background, I knew how processes should be organised. Now the alreadyestablished routines and protocols keep working, and working well.”

Anastasia Koptsyukh
Ukrainian doctoral researcher
Forbes, June 20, 2023


Promoting Equality And Inclusivity: LGBTQ+ Initiatives At Business Schools

“All students should feel like they belong on campus and in the classroom, and that they are able to fulfill their professional, educational, and social aspirations fully without any barriers or hindrances. At KY’s events, our members should feel comfortable being who they are.”

Meeri Korpi
Executive Board Member at KY,
Aalto University Business Students’ Association
Poets & Quants, June 28, 2023


Lessons From Sport In The Business School Classroom

“Balancing academics and athletics requires personal discipline, effective planning, and flexibility. It is important to find a routine and an approach that works best for you while keeping your long-term goals in mind. At Aalto University School of Business, I’ve especially appreciated the possibility of being able to create your own study schedules for the busy parts of the athletic season.”

Aino Äijö
Student in the Bachelor's of Business programme
Aalto University School of Business
Forbes, July 7, 2023

School of Business

At the School of Business we strive for better business and better society. We excel in education and research with a multidisciplinary approach and in collaboration with our partners.

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Lennart Engels, Karolin Kull, Ágnes László, Julia Postrzech and Valenti Soler won the Habitare Design competition 2023.
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Team of Interior Architecture and Contemporary Design students won the Habitare Design competition 2023

The Habitare Design Competition is intended for students studying art, design, and architecture in Finland. This year ‘s theme of the competition was “Tools for togetherness”, which required the teams to design and implement new types of tools to promote togetherness and interaction on a human scale or more widely.
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Audiobooks can today be created with AI

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Värikkäitä ja läpinäkyviä pinnoitenäytteitä puupölkyn päällä.
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Is wood brown, blue, yellow, or transparent? Researchers discovered ways to make transparent and colourful coatings from wood

Researchers have succeeded in developing new types of coatings from lignin in trees. The invention has many potential uses, for example in anti-fogging coatings, where it can replace highly toxic chemicals.