Git Version Control for Aalto Now Available

Aalto Version Control System is a new service for software development.

The service supports software development in research, teaching and studies by providing a modern git-based version control system. Version control is essential whenever software development is done as teamwork, including research projects, programming courses, study assignments and other projects. With this service, you can easily share your work with the team and manage the versions of your files. Version control is also helpful for individual programming work in both research and studies.

Log in to service at with your Aalto account! To support collaboration in research projects, we have already enabled HAKA login for Finnish universities and we're working to enable login for any invited collaborator in a month or two.

There are help and documentation available in the service to get you started, and there's even more about git and Gitlab on the internet. For any questions and issues with the service, please contact [email protected] to reach the admins.

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