Get involved in UniSport’s wellbeing challenge!

New Year and a new life, or how did that go?

Many people make resolutions about a new, healthier life at the beginning of January. As we all know, New Year's resolutions are difficult to keep, but you can aim to get into better condition by taking on a challenge instead. The wellbeing challenge that UniSport launched in January encourages university staff and students to take care of their own wellbeing. If you can encourage a colleague or a whole group to get involved, then exercise becomes a natural part of daily life and the sense of community increases.

– Everyone knows that they should take care of themselves, they should sleep, exercise, spend time in the open air and eat well. However, at the end of the day I often notice that I just had a sandwich for lunch, used the lift and have not exercised for a week. We want to use this campaign to encourage everyone at the university to make looking after their wellbeing visible, so that people make a note in their dairies in just the same way as they do with meetings, and the children’s hobbies, says Tuuli Mäkelä, UniSport’s Director of Sport.

– Make it into a challenge for yourself, and see what it is possible for you to do. For some people it will be walking to the tram stop further away, for others it could be walking the dog for half an hour more than usual or taking up a hobby they have thought about for a long time.

Take on the challenge! Print the poster and put it on the wall in your break room or on another visible place. Everybody can write their own challenge in the bubbles. Read more about the campaign on the UniSport web pages: 

Challenge instructions.pdf


Would you like to exercise with your team?

Contact UniSport to order a group exercise hour tailored to your unit or a recreation day or fitness testing. What could be nicer than taking a shared breather during the workday, moving and feeling good together?

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