General Reactor Design Practice in Industry-- Guest lecture given by Dr Lin Li

General Reactor Design Practice in Industry—a lecture related to the design of a reactor in industry.

Outline of The lecture

1. Design and Engineering

2. Reactor Design

3. Energy challenges from reaction engineering perspective

4. Scale up

Time: 18:00, March 7th, 2022

Location: Zoom meeting is available. Please join with this link:

Duration: 2 hours

Lin Li


Lin Li is a Senior Staff Research Engineer at Chevron Technical Center (Richmond, CA), where he manages and conducts strategic research and technology development projects. He received a BS, MS and Ph. D. degree in Chemical Engineering from Tianjin University (Tianjin, China_ in 1983, 1986 and 1989, respectively, and then worked for 9 years at Tsinghua University (Beijing, China), with growing responsibilities in teaching, research and administration. He moved to the US in 1998, and after research experiences at Princeton University and UC Berkeley, he started his industrial career by joining UOP (Des Plaines, IL) in 2001. He has published 2 books, 50 journal papers and 25 filed patents. He is a certified 6-Sigma Black Belt. He is a AIChE Fellow, and his service to AIChE includes serving as Chair of the Northern California local section (NorCal). He is also a longtime leader of Chinese-American Chemical Society (CACS) and currently serves as a board member of CACS. Since 2019 he serves as ABET Program Evaluator (PEV, Chemical Engineering).

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