Game Changers timeline one of Aalto’s Finland 100 projects

Donations honouring President Tuula Teeri's birthday can be made to Aalto University.

Aalto’s Finland 100 projects were presented at an event held at the Undergraduate Centre on 26 January. The event was open to everyone and coffee was served during a brief presentation of some of our university’s 12 Finland 100 projects. The event was hosted by student Rosa Nylén, who also interviewed the people responsible for the projects. The diverse and inspiring projects include The Codebus Africa project, where a student team will spend 100 days driving through ten African countries and organising coding workshops that mainly target girls aged 13-20. News about the Aalto Festival included the fact that everyone at Aalto can now mark Wednesday 19 April in their calendars. That’s when an outdoor event will be held in association with the Aalto Festival scheduled for May.

‘During the centenary of Finnish independence, Aalto University aims at building an innovative society through its Finland 100 projects. The universities that preceded Aalto have also played a big role in the development of Finland and building well-being and growth’, said President Tuula Teeri. ‘I want to warmly thank everyone involved in the projects for their outstanding work,’ she continued.


Noora Pinjamaa told about the Digitaalinen Suomi publication (Digital Finland), which is a collection of articles. It describes the development of the digital breakthrough during 1995–2015, and evaluates Finland's success in the international framework.

The Game Changers timeline provides a new perspective on Aalto, both digitally and physically

Aalto’s Finland 100 project manager Tatu Pohjola presented the Game Changers timeline, which is another one of our centenary year projects. This digital timeline includes important milestones from the history of Aalto and its predecessor universities, stretching all the way back to 1848.

‘I hope that the timeline will be seen as an inspiring way of presenting history and important events from over the years. The digital timeline is constantly developing and also includes a commenting option. Each person can comment on events, describe their own memories of the events and/or present differing opinions of the course of history and even visualise the future. Aalto’s Communications services will review all comments before they are published,’ explains Tatu Pohjola.

The front page of the digital timeline has a video that changes once a month. In the first video, Professor Emirita of Chemical Technology Outi Krause tells about the life's work of one of Finland’s most respected chemists, Professor Gustaf Kompa.


Tuula Teeri presented Professor Emirita Krause with flowers at the event in recognition of her outstanding presentation of Professor Komppa in the video.

In addition to the digital timeline, a physical timeline was also revealed. This can be seen on the wall and floor of the Y wing in the Undergraduate Centre. The physical timeline includes a number of important events from the history of Aalto.


Tuula Teeri turns 60

President Tuula Teeri’s birthday fund was also announced at the event.
‘I ask anyone who wants to mark my birthday to make a donation to Aalto University. Our University’s goal is to attract a total of 20 million euros in donations by the end of June 2017, and I hope that anyone who wants to recognise my birthday will make a donation to this fund,’ said Tuula Teeri, who will be turning 60 this summer.

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