Funding call for Climate-KIC Pathfinder innovations

EIT Climate-KIC is EU program, which funding instruments foster novel climate innovation to born from research

The focus is on innovations that have a positive climate change mitigation or adaptation impact and also commercialization potential. The program also supports applied research on finance and climate metrics as long it could have direct or indirect impact to climate change mitigation.

Pathfinder is the prime instrument from Climate-KIC to financially support partners, like Aalto. Next deadline for applications is February 24th, 2017.

Prior to that, Climate-KIC Nordic is organizing Ideation Day, where Nordic partners have an opportunity to pitch their innovation ideas (or applied research ideas on finance or metrics) to Climate-KIC directors, and other Nordic partners. Potential ideas will receive “quick”-grant of value 5-15.000€ from Climate-KIC to further develop their idea as a Pathfinder application. The ideation day also offers an opportunity to identify a Nordics partner organization to join your Pathfinder application, or to formulate e.g. H2020 application together. To participate (recommended) Ideation Day, Aalto researchers needs to describe it’s idea shortly here, please consult with Petri Allekotte before submitting your idea.

Climate-KIC:ssä has four thematic focus areas:

1)     Climate Metrics and Finance; bridging finance and climate change, innovative climate metrics finance, and decision-making mechanisms to enable diffusion and replication

2)     Urban Transition; e.g. energy efficiency on buildings, e-mobility, renewable energy, waste management, wooden constructions

3)     Sustainable Production Systems, holistic view of circular economy, e.g. how to design fully recyclable car

4)     Sustainable Land Use, agriculture, forest management as holistic value chain development perspective, e.g. forest based circular bioeconomy


a)     January 11th DL of sending ideas for Innovation Day (max. 15k€ grant)

b)    February 24th Pathfinder application deadline, max. 50.000€ funding

c)     Accelerator, max. 50.000€ funding (DL 24.2 and mid-June and 30.9)

d)    Demonstrator, max 2,4m€ ; DL end April and end September

Primarily Climate-KIC does not fund research, but innovation (with exceptions perhaps on thematic Climate metrics and finance). Climate-KIC aims to operate and bridge between research and companies, supporting the very early stage of the innovation process. On 2016 Aalto success rate on Pathfinder applications was 70%, but it requires good dialog with Climate-KIC Nordic before sending the applications. Successful Aalto Pathfinder projects:

More information:  

[email protected]  050-3440612

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