From now on it is possible to make a preliminary booking of a teaching space in common use at This is possible in all buildings during academic year.

The project, which aimed at a standardized service model and at concentrating booking requests to one service address, is now finished.

Preliminary bookings are now possible in all buildings of Aalto University that have lecture halls, seminar rooms or IT classrooms. A preliminary booking can be made directly in the calendar of the room at

A new booking made by a teacher or other member of staff will transfer automatically from the booking system to a ticketing system (eSupport). It is assigned to the right team, and a janitor resolves the ticket. The customer receives a confirmation of the booking by e-mail. The customer can also send an inquiry with the form “Booking request”.

Changes to teaching-related bookings will be processed as before, by schools’ learning services or by janitors. This new booking service model does not concern meeting rooms. Personnel who can book a meeting room can do so in the future.

Further information and suggestions for development:

Katriina Korhonen
Kalevi Luukkainen
Pasi Lehto
Martti Rahkila


Vilhelm Hongelin and Irina Rigonen took part piloting the new booking service model in early autumn 2016.


The last meeting at the project. From the left: Team Leader Sami Kettunen, Planning Officer Katriina Korhonen, Development Manager Martti Rahkila, Service Manager Kalevi Luukkainen and Team Leaders Antti Leino and Kim Ranta.

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