Firefox 60 ESR update for Windows workstations

Aalto IT will update the Firefox web browser to version 60 ESR on all centrally managed Windows workstations.

Important web services have been tested to work with the new version. Firefox no longer supports NPAPI plugins such as Java. If you still require this for some services, please use the Internet Explorer browser.

At the same time, the version will be changed to 64-bit which causes the Firefox shortcut to disappear from the start panel in older Windows 10 installations. Desktop and programs menu shortcuts will still be available.

ESR (“Extended Support Release”) update cycle keeps the main functionality of the browser the same for a long period of time, only getting security updates. This is needed because of several browser dependent services in use which are not always updated fast enough for the standard browser update cycle.

If you have problems, please contact IT Service Desk: [email protected]

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